13-Week Ironman 70.3 Race Preparation Triathlon Training Plan

13-Week Ironman 70.3 Race Preparation Triathlon Training Plan

A 13-week Ironman 70.3 distance triathlon training plan used in conjunction with TrainingPeaks. This is ideal for the intermediate age group athlete.

When we talk about triathlons, we often delve into the specifics of training, detailing intervals, speed, distance, and power. But what if there was a program that went beyond the mere physical, tapping into the uncharted depths of an athlete's psyche? Enter Grant Giles's 13-week 70.3 program.

Grant Giles: Beyond the Conventional Coach

Grant Giles isn’t your typical triathlon coach. His expertise is multifaceted, stemming from being a Level Three High Performance Triathlon Coach with Triathlon Australia. But here's where he veers off the conventional path: Grant combines his athletic coaching with the roles of a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist, affiliations he proudly holds with the Australian Institute of Applied Psychology. This combination provides a unique blend, focusing not just on the physical but the mental aspects that can make or break an athlete's performance.

A Deep Dive into the 13-week 70.3 Program

This program is specially crafted for TrainingPeaks and encompasses a holistic approach to triathlon training. Here's a snapshot of what athletes can expect:

Phase One (Week 1-4): The program kicks off with an initial duration of 8 hours and 14 minutes, gradually working its way up. This phase hones in on building an aerobic platform with a strength-specific focus. It’s designed to lay down the foundational conditioning an athlete needs to gear up for the subsequent weeks.

Integration Week (Week 4): After the rigorous workouts of the initial phase, week four is an integration week. It's more than just a recovery week. It's about absorbing the work done in the preceding weeks, assimilating strength, endurance, and mental strategies.

Phase Two (Week 5 and onwards): Post integration, athletes enter the strength and power phase, with training durations peaking at around 12 hours and 53 minutes. This is then followed by another integration week to assimilate gains.

Race-Specific Phase: As athletes approach the business end of their training, they will encounter the race-specific block, which peaks at the program's highest volume of 14 hours and 17 minutes.

Tapering Period (Week 11 onwards): The gradual volume reduction ensures athletes are at their peak performance and fitness level come race day. This phase is crucial and is an amalgamation of all the conditioning done in the earlier weeks.

But what sets this program apart? Each week comes supplemented with sport-specific physiological and psychological guidelines. There are readily available links to Grant’s YouTube channel and blog to ensure athletes always understand the purpose behind each training day. And in case of doubts, there's direct access to Grant through email, ensuring personalized support.

A Program with a Purpose

It's not just about crossing the finish line but understanding the journey to get there. With the added psychological support, every session is elucidated in great detail, ensuring that athletes not only know what they are doing but also understand why they are doing it.

Grant's 13-week 70.3 program doesn't just promise physical transformation. It pledges a metamorphosis of the mind, urging athletes to make the unconscious conscious, to truly understand the "why" behind every stride, stroke, and pedal.

In the world of triathlons, where mental grit often determines the fine line between success and surrender, Grant's holistic program is not just a game-changer—it's a life-changer.

Embrace this journey, understanding that with each training session, you’re not just sculpting a fitter body, but a sharper, more resilient mind. And remember, Grant Giles is with you every step, stroke, and pedal of the way. Cheers to a transformative experience!