Athlete Review Session

Athlete Review Session

Grant Giles offers comprehensive Athlete Consultation Sessions focusing on transforming discomfort and training automaticity.

In an era of escalating demands and time constraints, our ability to clearly chart our athletic journey may become clouded and indistinct. Grant Giles, with a lifetime dedicated to sport and a broad understanding of all aspects of athletic life, is here to bring clarity.

As a former professional athlete, a Level 3 High Performance Coach, and a qualified clinical hypnotherapist/psychotherapist, Grant offers his wealth of experience with a warm and empathetic approach. He brings crucial clarity to athletes, acting as both a coach and a mentor.

Grant provides a secure environment for athletes to discover and understand the fundamental aspects of their unique talent and potential. His consultation aims to separate the constant external chatter from the specific mental and physical demands unique to your athletic journey.

Planning can often induce confusion. Without clear goals, reasons, intentions, methodologies, and a connection to our internal motivators, our plans can be mere outlines without substance.

Remember, inadequate planning equates to planning to fail.

During this session, we will cover the following areas:

Complete Athlete Performance Review

  • A full indepth review of your past and present training
  • Unpack your mental barriers
  • Provide insights to unlock your full potential

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