Work with Triathlon Coach Grant Giles

Work with Triathlon Coach Grant Giles

Grant Giles, a Level-3 High Performance Triathlon Coach, offers personalised triathlon coaching with a strong focus on mental resilience.

Grant Giles isn't just a coach; he's your partner on the journey to becoming not just a better athlete, but a better person. With a Level-3 High Performance Triathlon Coach certification from Triathlon Australia and credentials as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist from the Australian Institute of Applied Psychology. Grant brings an unparalleled blend of experience and passion to his coaching.

In partnership with Grant, you will cultivate adaptability and resilience, mastering techniques to manage discomfort and surmount challenges with ease. Delve into the essence of mental toughness and physical resilience, enhancing your aerobic capacity and strength. With Grant's guidance, you'll develop an unshakeable fitness foundation and mental fortitude.

Remember, Grant's passion for coaching isn't just a profession—it's your secret weapon.



Boasting 24 years of experience and regarded as one of Australia's most successful triathlon coaches, Grant prefers his athletes' success to do the talking. His qualifications coupled with a steadfast commitment to individual athlete psychology uniquely position him as a leading figure in endurance sport coaching.



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