Grant Giles is a high-performance triathlon coach and mental health advocate offering no-nonsense coaching and hosting a popular sports psychology podcast.

Born and raised in the working-class town of Wollongong, enveloped by mountains and the ocean, Grant 'Gilesy' Giles turned to sport as an essential part of his life from a young age. His journey began with surfing, which eventually led him into the realm of professional triathlon.

However, it was his encounter with hypnotherapy that ignited a deep-seated passion for psychology. This interest propelled Grant to blend his love for psychology and triathlon into a fruitful coaching career that generated numerous national and world-class champions from 2008 to 2015.

Today, Grant extends his expertise as a qualified high-performance coach and mental health practitioner to athletes and coaches across various sports. His grounded, no-nonsense coaching style is balanced by an easy-going demeanor that masks his exceptional knack for bringing out the best in those he mentors.

Grant is also an ardent writer, frequently sharing insights on sport, mental health, and sports psychology. In addition, he hosts a popular podcast where he engages in profound conversations about athletes, psychology, and the human spirit. Through all these endeavors, Grant continues to inspire, educate, and promote mental resilience among athletes.