A racing Mind is a Bursting Heart

Mental Skills

Photo by Bart LaRue / Unsplash

What does your heart long for?

This cavernous gap in between what our heart really longs for and where we find ourselves leaves us feeling uneasy and insecure.  

We are involved in a mad game. A chase for objects and objectives that do nothing to soothe the heart's passion. The passion that we all came here to serve.

So we find ourselves in a wedge, in between the objective chase for more, and the worry that we are going to lose something, when the obvious truth is, we are going to lose everything, and because of it, we are terrorised by trivialities!

We work jobs that are devoid of passion, to purchase junk we don’t need, to keep up an objective competition with people that we don’t even care for.

If we amass enough junk that we don’t need, we call it success. Stress, anxiety, worry, doubt and fear are the only real winners in this mad chase for nothing that can be lasting or tangible.

But if the level of worry in your head has your heart wanting to explode, I have a few questions for you, my friend:

How is worrying impacting the quality of the moment you are in right now? What have you lost through worry and what have you gained? Did worry change anything that happened?

Can it change anything that is going to happen?

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened” ~ Mark Twain.

Why do we keep playing this worrying game? We all want to follow our heart, right?

But we don’t have the figs to follow it in case we lose something. So, we’d rather stay in jobs we can’t stand, in relationships that don’t work, pay millions for land we’ll never really own and wear out our hearts and minds worrying about how to keep it all together. All the while, the bloody clock is ticking. It’s ticking down the one priceless commodity that you came here with, time!

That time that you think you don’t have is actually the life that you don’t have time for.

Your sense of time is your sense of life. What is your life really about?

You’d hate to hear this, I know, but it’s love, it’s all love, and nothing but love.

Our hearts are aching because we are out of love, and, because of that, we are running out of time. Who wouldn’t be worried?

I’m not going to waste one more second not loving you. I mean that. Loving that sunrise, that sunset, the smiles on my sons' faces, loving their anguish, feeling the enormity of that love and how I could never express it to them.

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST / Unsplash

But if I’m going to give love, I have to live it. Giving the only thing I can really ever give.That’s the only tangible possession I really have, that and the time it arises in, which are really one.

This society has lost touch with it. We avoid showing it. People would rather look at the ground than acknowledge love in each other. What is that really about?

In the final analysis, my own solo hours reflect to me that we are going to lose everything!

What amazing freedom and relief that is. What importance does that put on worry now?

So, I’ll share the only thing I’ve got with you, myself. Maybe, just maybe, if we can do that for each other, we can put this anxiety to bed once and for all.

If nothing else, it’s a peaceful thought.

Think of yourself as dead, you have lived your life. Now take what's left and live it properly ~ Marcus Aurelius.