A step into the dark

A step into the dark

Racing Insights

There is no coming to light without the dark.

There’s no coming to heaven without hell. Hell is made of our own torment. All those twisted figurines we imagine hell to contain are hidden in the recesses of our own subconscious.

When men and women describe hell in a racing context, what they are really describing is their state of mind.

When we are going through hell, what we are really going through is our own darkness!

It’s not coming from out there, it’s coming from in here.

However, when we get dragged through hell we grow.

We grow because what we find in that hell also heals us, if only we won’t run away from what we find there.

So when you are out there on that course or you are in that situation and it hurts like hell, it’s because it’s bringing up the soft underbelly to your awareness. All your own darkness, so you can grow, expand into self-knowledge and understanding.

The situation, the race or the course isn’t hell, it’s our response that is the hell realm. It’s all the insecurities and traumatic experiences we have stuffed into our subconscious over many years.

Now the challenge is real, you either accept that darkness as part of the experience and grow, or you split yourself into two and resist your own growth, cursing yourself to go through the same darkness again and again.

That has been my own experience.

You can live one as a lover of the experience, or you can live as two, as enemies. The experience and the resistance.

The idea that there is an external source to blame for the darkness is just that, an idea.

Acceptance is the power that rids us of the duality, light and dark, black and white, out there, in here.

You want to have power over the external conditions?

Stop breaking into two, the good and bad, just leave it alone, let it be as it is, don’t make a judgment.

Stay as the raw experience, allow the darkness in you to surface, watch it, feel it, observe it and learn about it.

Now you are taking a lecture from the best professor you are ever going to meet, your deeper instinctual self.