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All Torque

Training Insights

Torque is power, transformed from intension to attention.

They are two sides of the same coin made of torque. Psychological intension is made of thought, images and ideas and physical attention is made of feelings, perceptions and sensations.

Perceptions are made of what you are doing with the physical incoming information. If you can cut out the analytic backdraft, you can apply the intension directly to the task, that is the definition of torque, rather than bleeding intension with too much inner talk.

It's about what you decide to do with situation you are in and how you are looking at it.

Many believe that gravity is a force that we need to physically overcome in training. However, it’s a force that helps us adapt and become physically stronger. The more you can allow the presence of gravity, the more you can use it. I

n our own sport, I have watched for many years athletes trying to overcome gravity on the bike, for instance, using the inertia they build to carry them.

However, if you allow gravity its place at your table, it becomes the most powerful ally. Slowing down, feeling it, staying in good form as it has its way with you builds amazing aerobic physical strength and resilience.

You will never meet a good climber who has not made peace with gravity.

All great riders make peace with gravity in two ways. Once again, physical and psychological acceptance and subsequent adaption.

We use physical gravity to build physical strength with good form, and we use the psychological gravity of the situation to bring an inner yes to it.

You can apply this to anything:

Torque is adaption, talk is mal adaption.

All this means is, you put that ego made of words, images and resistance on ice and allow things to be as they are as you work with it, instead of against it.

Then you find flow, adaption and the one key word that I find a lot of triathletes in this sport tend to ignore: form!

Form is made of free-flowing adaption. You can’t overcome your way to form. Form grows in the relaxation of your effort with the task, rather than against it.

Honestly, I can say this until I’m blue in the face. In the end, though, it’s your choice as an athlete to decide if you are going to accept the task you have set yourself or resist it.

You are either the product of torque or talk.