An Inconvenient Truth

Mental Skills

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Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

No one really wants to hear from a guy that tells you that success is a slow, inconvenient process.We are a society that is fed on instant gratification, quick fixes, pills and that next fad that is going to fast track your journey to success.

In sport and in life, we tend to treat symptoms not causes. Bandaids are just easier, right? Real tangible growth, though, requires a very key ingredient; patience!

There are no magic pills. Never was, never will be. Sorry, it’s a case of constant work.

The process is inconvenient because the path you set yourself on is a path of self-destruction. Yea, you read that right, destruction and decomposition.

You have to tear down who you were so you can become who you might be!Over and over again. With lashings of patience, trust and self-acceptance.

You have to cut the cords to your doubts, your fears and your mental limitations, regardless of how hard you get knocked backwards. You need to look at that part of you that doesn’t want things to change, the part that wants to stabilise the unstable.

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Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Everything is changing because everything changes!Yea, I agree. It’s bloody uncomfortable.

If only things could be the way they were. Well, they’re not, and they never will be again. So, what to do?

Let go of the attachments that anchor you to that old mental model you have made for yourself. It’s a cell inside a prison made of memory and longing. Forget the cell inside the prison and find out what that longing is made of.

That longing inside you is your life force. Pay attention to that.Let the failures go.

You are human, born to make mistakes. It’s that friction that creates success in any and all aspects of personal process and progress. You gotta rub against the parts of yourself that can’t come on this journey with you.

The snake once again sheds its skin. Born to fall and rise again and again. With each destruction and reinvention of yourself, awareness and wisdom grows and shines on the surface of that transparent gem you are slowly but surely becoming.

If we try to stay where we are, we are going to age, go stale, grow bored, become negative and listless.

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials ~Seneca

That life force built of creation and longing inside you is the key to the kingdom.

Only you can unlock the gates.