The Complete Enneagram - Summary

The Complete Enneagram - Summary


A blend of ancient symbols and modern psychology, the Enneagram offers profound self-knowledge and unique insights into human behavior.

I am super grateful to my great friend Robert Bruce from the Australian Enneagram academy, who in no small way saved my life with his generosity, mentorship and counsel.

The Enneagram can unlock the secrets of an athletes psychological traits and habits that creates an awareness around self understanding that is extremely difficult to find in any other psychological exploitation.

The Enneagram symbol, a nine-pointed diagram (ennea is the Greek word for 'nine'), has its origins in many different traditions. In the last four decades it has been combined with modern psychology, evolving to describe the nine fundamental personality types of human nature. The modern Enneagram is a condensation of universal wisdom, commonsense philosophy and psychology which provides extraordinary insights into human behaviour, particularly our own. The primary goal and purpose of the Enneagram is self knowledge.