The Power Of Now - Summary

The Power Of Now - Summary


Eckart Tolle's spiritual exploration offers profound insights on staying present, serving as an unparalleled manual for athletes at all levels.

I read this book at the beginning of our pro athlete squad era with Aeromax in around 2009.

The book was written by a fantastic spiritual teacher named Eckart Tolle. At the time I was exploring my own inner landscape and my tendency towards anxiety. What I didn’t expect to find was an athletes handbook on how to stay present with their process and life.

The book strips back our egos self defining attachment to past and future and redefines the true meaning of being present with what is.

Interestingly I have read many sports psychology books since that failed to influence me anywhere near the depth that this book took me to. If you are an athlete, beginner, age grouper or world champion, there is a message here for everyone and one very well worth you time.