Breakthrough Now!

Training Insights

Triathlon start first discipline: swimming
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

We have one major problem in sport with our training and preparation. We do everything based on a future that isn’t here yet.

We are constantly scanning the horizon instead of having our feet grounded underneath us. It drains the embodiment and the quality out of the process we are in now because it’s pointed at some reference point out there.  

We are all brought up in an education system that only deals with the future. No one teaches us how to be here now or even what it means to be alive. The truth is, now, is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and we aren’t happy with it.

But, here’s the thing; You must bend to the power of the present moment and what it is now, or live a lie!

You won’t bleed quality from a lie. When the mind is divided by remembrance or hopes of what might be sometime in the future, you are out of sync with what is. Not a great space to be in while you are trying to bleed something out of this session.

Photo by louis tricot / Unsplash

The only way you can prepare properly is to stay with what is. That’s real, that’s authentic and rational.

Holding onto to a future or a past is like holding your breath, you will suffocate. You’ll be choking on something that isn’t even here now other than the direction of the thoughts you are entertaining.

Have a good look, all of your anxieties are hanging on a past or a future that is not here now.

The only thing you honour by hanging onto them is doubt, fear and anxiety. Let them go.Set your sails on the goal, be fully present with your task and you can expect the same level of attention on race day.

Intension and attention are where the quality of your training lies.

On race day, they are two qualities that are going to lead you to that breakthrough performance.

Both of them rely on something we were never taught.

How to be in this moment.