Busting Down The Door

Busting Down The Door

Training Insights

The warrior you are looking for inside yourself is silently waiting for you to show up for yourself.

The zenith of performance.

It is not elusive, you are. You gotta make it find you!

You can’t go out to it. It has to come to you. Form is an embodiment of the process.

The warrior you are looking for inside yourself is silently waiting for you to show up for yourself.

The transformation that you want is not out there in the things that you are doing, it’s in here, closer than close.

Form finds you as you melt down all the resistance in yourself, all those little annoyances, nuances and nuisances that trigger you to resist and seek safety in the same old shitty mental and physical patterns that keep you trapped in mediocrity.

When you are trapped in that mediocrity, you will search further and further outwards from yourself, trying to find form where none can exist.

So dude, that’s why I say, you gotta attract form.

You have to clean up your act!

Get uncomfortable. Everything that makes you edgy is an opportunity to attract growth. No growth comes from the comfort zone.

You have to climb out to the edges of your own limitations, not necessarily physically, but psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. You have to allow transformation, and that's not going to come without heat and pressure.

You have to give up your own mental structures, they’ve been there so long, they are covered in cobwebs.

They are not keeping you safe, they are keeping you trapped!

Get real, bring yourself some truth. Do you want change? Then enact it.

Performance is attractive, not repulsive… If you are being pushed away, it’s not the process that is the problem, it’s your own inner resistance to change.

You have to throw away everything you think you know. In that not knowing, evolution and development will come knocking on your door.

If you want to bust down the door, it’s going to require less doing, more being. More embodiment of the task and less mental gymnastics.

If you read between the lines here, you’ll see it applies to everything you think you want in this life.

Don’t think about changing, just let go, surrender yourself to the task, and the change will come to you.

Love, Gilesy