Training Insights

man in black jacket and black pants standing on water during daytime
Photo by Algi / Unsplash

Racing is not a test of speed, it’s a test of what you can tolerate. 

Training to tolerance is an incremental development that challenges you progressively to accept more than you think you can at any given moment. 

That’s an opening to move beyond what you think you are capable of. 

It doesn’t matter how hard you train, if you won’t accept this as truth, you can’t move past the boundary of your own mind's doubts. 

So here is the key: 

Confront yourself, see what you’re all about. 

Confront of all the limited ideas you carry and pay close attention to how that impacts your management of discomfort. 

As the discomfort moves toward the minds city limits, all sorts of limited thought attaches itself to the physical feelings. It’s not a truth within you, it’s the mind's way of copping out. 

While you are listening to that dialogue, you are missing the chance for change that each moment keeps bringing to you. 

The door to change is constantly opening in training over and over again. It’s not until you move against the weight of your own well worn thought pathways that the change can come. 

Much of the discomfort we experience is coming from the invitation to change that we turn down, in the way we react rather than respond to what is happening.  

You can’t take up that invitation until you relax into not knowing the outcome. 

Adaption is a product of moving past what you’ve done and thought before. 

The adaption is a natural response to the yes you bring to risk and courage. 

We are talking about the courage to move against your own thoughts and the old safe pathways.

While they hold you in their grip, you are prevented from responding to the stimulus with a level of acceptance that takes you forward into development rather than being stuck in the circular pattern of what you have already experienced. 

Embrace change and you will embrace the suck.

It’s not the species that is the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change ~ Charles Darwin