Racing Insights

When you are suffering, stay at the bottom of that suffering until you find out who you are.

Resiliency comes through the experience of suffering, not the avoidance of it.

What happens to you is not important, nor is how much it hurts. If you dwell in the victim hood that your mind creates about how much it hurts, you are moving away from the pain, looking for a way to disassociate.

If you follow the story, you are simply teaching your body how to give up.

Emotional dysregulation refers to the inability of a person to control or regulate their emotional responses to provocative stimuli.

When we put ourselves into these challenging situations, we are going to rub up against that. So study your reactions, what happens? What thoughts are coming with that pain?

How the hell is any of that going to help?

When we are exhausted, over-trained, stressed, in the middle of a session where we are tasting the lactate in our mouths. That is seriously challenging for a mind that likes order.

The pain is chaos, no doubt about it. It’s all over the shop. The mind has no soft wear to decode that chaos. So, the practice then is to follow that pain signal down to where it’s coming from, your body.

Yea, let the chaos come, let the storms roll in, feel Em, stay out of judgment.

Triathlon competition – Road cycling
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Just stay with it and you will find that slowly you are learning how to use that chaos to your advantage. There’s someone down there you haven’t met before.

He/she is a stoic little bugger who can weather this storm, in fact they always have.