Conqueror or Saboteur?

Mental Skills

I took this picture as my friend and I were looking at a sunset.
Photo by Harry Quan / Unsplash

There is the possibility to utterly conquer a performance. But it’s not about what you do. It’s about what you are willing to allow yourself to believe. It’s about the relationship you have with yourself and the faith you have in your vision.

The knowing has to be deeper than the thinking!Because you won’t conquer the race, the performance, or anything in the outside world for that matter, until you conquer the limited beliefs you have about yourself.

You’ve got to be able to see the world the way you want to see it. That’s how you will draw in the result you actually want. Sabotage is a ghost man, mostly made from old experiences. It haunts the dark corners of your mind and whispers defeatist statements into your ears when you are not paying attention.

It’s subliminal, most athletes don’t even know it’s happening.  Forget the difficulty you think you are facing on that course, it’s lightweight compared to the damage that negative self-talk is doing, not only to your process, but to the quality of your life. What good does it do to adopt unproductive attitudes towards your process?

Would you put petrol into a diesel engine and expect it to perform? It’s a metaphor dude, that negative self-talk is the petrol you are trying to pour into your turbo diesel.

Look, I know this is a hard sell, it’s easier to just blame the difficulty, the course, your bad luck, the injuries or your lack of ability, but honestly, it’s all bullshit!Ask yourself this question-Am I really open to the idea of this being an amazing success?

Most people think they are open to it while they have an old outed script running in the background that is full of doubts and fears, associated to a past that is long gone. Let’s call a spade a spade. There is nothing good about hanging onto old doubtful mental scripts.

They are a crutch card that far too many athletes pull out to cover the trump card that racing plays to test your metal.

You have to match that challenge. You think it’s all about your physical preparation, but that is literally only half of the truth.

Get as physically fit as you like. If the vision and the opinion you have of yourself doesn’t match the challenge, you are going nowhere!

In the end, you make the choice. You are a conqueror or a saboteur.