Critical Mass

Critical Mass

It’s so easy to be critical.

We are brought up on it, but why?

It occurs to me that my inner critic is in fact a seperate entity. I know this because I would never say to others that which is said to myself.

The threats, the judgments, the analysing, the comparisons have a quality of other when I really sit quietly and enquire.

The critical nature of our society is a mirror of this seperate entity, it’s obvious that we are all in some way affected by this seperate self.

I call it seperate because it comes to me, not from me.

I know this is true when I am speaking to someone who is in critical judgment of another, I can sense their essence on a deeper level while the critical seperate entity speaks out of their mouth.

We are in opposition to others because we are in opposition to ourselves. We judge them because we judge ourselves.

When we identify with this critical voice we become the voice of the cynic that uses doubt and fear to navigate life and it’s no way to live, by extension it’s by no means a measure of a healthy balanced society.

No compassion, empathy or benevolence can flow while we are listening to the seperate entity inside ourselves or others.

If we are identifying with the seperate self in ourselves, we often identify with the seperate self in others or we oppose it, only illusion, conflict, opposition and chaos can follow.

It takes a certain level of awareness to know you have a critical seperate entity inside yourself, to tease out this voice of opposition, doubt and cynicism, and then to enquire into the nature of this voice, where did it come from? Was I born with it?

Certainly not, I was a clean slate at birth and so were you.

The critic is a learning, a protection mechanism of sorts, an amalgam of voices, parents, teachers, peers, cultural, religious, racial, governmental, societal boundary’s.

Critically, it’s important to identify that this is what this seperate entity consists of, other people’s boundaries and limitations.

In the wash up, when this voice comes to us there is a very simple way to navigate whether it is coming from your true nature of not. Would I repeat what I am saying to myself to someone I loved?

If you follow the thread of the words of the judgmental inner critic you will see how repetitive the dialogue is and how cynical it is, trust can not arise while the cynic is in control.

It takes our keen awareness to tease out the forked tongue of the inner critic, he hides in the crevices and uses any piece of evidence to back up his story of us not having what it takes.

He sifts through your personal history and projects the doubt into the future like a robber going through your personal belongings and then blackmailing you that he will reveal these dark secrets to others.

But here is the kicker: There are no others!

We share the same state of consciousness, male, female, mate, brother, mother. We reflect to each other the inner state.

All of our problems, troubles, so called failures and conflicts come to us from this seperate cynical entity.

We all have the ability to completely turn this around, to look inwards and see the difference between true nature and the cynic born of conditioning.

If we are brave enough to choose our true nature, with enough awareness we could completely transform humanity on this planet.

Utopia is actually within our grasp and it always has been.

If there is no cynic, what is left behind?

Passion, purpose, enthusiasm, love, compassion and empathy for starters, if that becomes the platform of our inner world, what then does the outer world look like as we reflect it to each other?

There is only one victim and one perpetrator, it is as it’s always been.

The critics time is coming to an end, we are waking up, and we must wake up. It is virtually unavoidable as more and more people wake up to the insanity we are seeing reflected in the world and by our leaders.

We are not sheep to be hearded, we are the one state of consciousness that emanates to and from all beings.

The critical, the cynical, the doubtful and the fearful are the tools the insane use to keep us in pain for their own political gain.

Society is always most effected by the most damaged people in it, naturally when our view points are cynical we will select the cynical to lead us.

Follow your true nature and we will surely begin to see a new world emerge.

When peace is at our core, we will know it everywhere we look.