Dance On The Edge

Mental Skills

We are always standing on a precipice. Reality is an edge. That edge is where the three rivers of life intersect; past, present and future.

It’s a tricky edge to dance on, but it’s the only dance in town.

You are the razor edge that is cutting through the precipice of life, one slip into the future or the past and that razor is stalled. Into rumination you slide, stay there long enough and you are going to draw blood.

Life isn’t waiting for you while you are stuck in the traumas of your past or the fears of your dreadful future.

The dance of life can only be lived here on this cutting edge.

The razor is cutting right here at this moment. If you are absent lamenting the past or stressing over the future, you are missing it. Life is slipping between your fingers.

The intensity of constant change is the reason we seek disassociation in the past or the future. We are looking for the assurance of safety and comfort where there isn’t any.

When we try to insure ourselves against transience in objective ways, we cause ourselves pain. We can’t argue with the transience! Life is transient, not just at the end of its flow, but the whole way through.But yea, I know you are aching, I can see the pain in your eyes. All the way things were, the way they could be, the way they should be.

Everything keeps changing and everybody keeps changing. I feel different one moment to the next. The stability I am seeking is making me feel unstable and the safety I am seeking is making me feel unsafe.

No amount of money or possession can make you safe, no amount of worry, guilt or regret can change anything that has happened or is going to happen.

Life is a movement. The deeper truth is that life is moving inside us. We are its witnesses. Utterly primary!

There is nothing you can add. The happiness we are seeking is the ultimate subtraction, not an addition.

The safety, assurance and comfort is within you and is not separate from you. It’s not out there in the future, the past or the shifting conditions that you witness.

Separation is an idea that causes us to alienate ourselves. Alienation causes fear and fear deepens alienation.

The experience of life, safety and assurance travels with you, if only you will stay here attentive on the razors edge.

Come Dance with me on the edge!