Dark Clouds

Mental Skills

These dark clouds keep invading our space. Collectively, we perpetuate these cycles of darkness, war and madness.

This f..king genetic chain that we carry around, dragging behind us, weighing us down, full of all the trauma of previous generations, that we ourselves recreate for future generations.

It’s a choice to let go of the past, or drag it along behind us. It’s great to learn the lesson, but that doesn’t mean that we need to project it forwards recreating the very conditions that caused that trauma in the first place.

Darkness is attractive. If you focus there too long, the lights will go out. The darkness is a lesson, we should learn it.

This dark focus of too much past makes us over protective in life, doubtful, cynical and fearful. So, this collective inability to let go of the past, sends society to its corners to protect its patch.

We get protection and one-eyed security served up to us on a daily basis by governments and the media. A robotic, objective chase for more that is dissociative from the truth of our subjective experience.

This protective hoarding separates us collectively and individually from one another. Half the world's population lives on less than $7 a day. That’s staggering, right? Personally, I’d rather face the truth.

No more hiding behind mummy's skirt.I want to feel what needs to be felt, and I want to be here now, not worrying about what happened in the past, or stressing over what could happen in the future because of it.

I can’t shove it back into the box anymore, I have to face my own demons, and I have to face yours too.

In my opinion, that’s the only way we can heal this chain of genetic pain.So I try to categorise my dysfunction in all the distorted ways a human can think, and at the bottom of all of it, is a simple lack of love.

A lack of love for myself is a lack of love for you, and consequently, the world, which causes me to objectify everything.

A lack of love is a lack of awareness. See here, you are out of your own love dude. Giving love to others that is not of ourselves is not love. It’s vested in a return and therefore not loving.

That lack makes us feel split and foreign, and hence the reason we are still carrying this genetic chain of darkness and past.

As Ram Dass famously put it, simply be here now.