David Arnold's Triathlon Transformation

David Arnold's Triathlon Transformation


David Arnold credits Coach Grant Giles for his transformation from a fitness enthusiast to a seasoned triathlete, mastering mental and physical aspects of the sport.

Embarking on my triathlon journey over two decades ago, I was just an average guy seeking fitness and a new challenge. It wasn't until I began working with Coach Grant Giles that I truly understood the depth and transformative power of this sport. Grant's influence on my career and personal development has been profound.

He opened my eyes to the mental aspects of triathlon, a dimension I had not fully grasped before. Grant taught me that mental toughness is not about being brash or overly aggressive, but about a soft, gentle process of awareness and acceptance. It's about finding strength from within, quietly accepting challenges, and being fully present in the moment.

Under Grant's guidance, my training became more than just physical preparation. It became a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. His well-considered programs and approachability made each training session not just a step towards physical fitness but a leap towards mental clarity and resilience.

One of my key breakthroughs, a moment of true realization, came during a challenging half Ironman. Struggling on the bike and contemplating giving up, I recalled Grant's teachings about acceptance. This moment of introspection turned my mindset around and led me to not only complete the race but also go on to achieve greater successes, including a 3rd place finish in an Ironman and qualifying for Kona.

Beyond the race achievements, Grant's coaching has provided me with a mental health tool, offering space and clarity for thought, and a sense of pride in every completed session. Triathlon, under Grant's mentorship, has become an anchor in my life, offering balance and a sense of purpose.

In summary, Grant Giles has been instrumental in my triathlon career and personal life. His unique approach to coaching, focusing on the mental as much as the physical, has truly set him apart. I am immensely grateful for his support and guidance and look forward to continuing my journey with him."

- David Arnold, Age-Group Triathlete (60-64), 31 Ironmans, 2 Konas