Mental Skills

man in black and red wet suit holding black and red bicycle handle bar
Photo by Susan Flynn / Unsplash

As Stuart Wilde put it: Dedication is the warrior's prayer…

A Fierce concentration! Its fierceness is only measured by the totality of its presence.

It soaks up wayward thoughts and redirects energy into a power that we call focus.

What does this mean? It means don’t be a mental sissy:

But it’s not as cold steel as it sounds.

The dedication and fierceness of the warrior is not predicated by the past. It can only live here and now in this moment.

Dedication means you hear and sense the doubt of the past, or the pressure of the future encroaching on the boundaries of the process, and you make the choice to guide yourself back here to ground zero.

That, my friends, is the discerning power of the choice you are making right now.

If you want to know the potential of your desire, you’re going to have to choose dedication and let go of your lower tolerances for ambiguity. Because the challenge and process are ambiguous!

The future isn’t assured and looking at it through the lens of the past is like looking at possibility through a beer bottle. You have a very distorted view of what is possible.

If you miss the opportunity that this moment is laden with again, and again, you will become listless and apathetic, that weakens the fierceness of the resolve to the point where you have to give up because that’s what you taught yourself to do.

We can talk about desire until the cows come home, but there is no realised desire without the dedication it takes to make it there. That’s psychology 101, not physicality.

If we allow the internal haemorrhaging of the disastrous past and the scary future, we will bleed out. The subsequent weakness divorces us from the singular power of a focus that stays here, and exclusively here.

Be the warrior of dedication.

Don't turn away, no matter what threat the mind comes with. Stay fierce, stay focused and stay here.