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It’s out there, on the periphery of your mind's eye, this goal that you hang out there. You want to believe it’s a low hanging fruit for you to pick. The problem is, although you want it, you don’t believe it.

This is the moment of truth for all of our aspirations and dreams. If you change the direction of the thought stream that steals your confidence and says you can’t have it because of your lack of worthiness, then you have the chance to manifest that goal.

However, if that script keeps running in the background, then regardless of how hard you work, that goal will always be just out of reach, teasing you and taunting you. Somehow you know you could have it, but you just can’t quite get there.

This push/pull is exhausting. Eventually, the chase gives way. There’s no flow, there’s always a roadblock, reaffirming the idea that I am not worthy of this goal.

What’s really going on here is that you are keeping yourself stuck by allowing an old mental script to run over the top of the new dynamic you are trying to attain. You want different but you aren’t doing different.

You might be physically doing something different, but the engine room of profound change is locked between your own two ears, as is the direction of that mental energy. Your mind believes and directs the creation of this goal based on what you believe to be true. So don’t come with bullshit.

What do you really believe about yourself in relationship to this goal?

Find out….Write it out.

Change the page, direct the rage. Seriously, if there is a constant that I have witnessed in my own life and that of the people I coach, this is it. You create what you believe to be true!

If you collapse, your world will collapse. If you rise your world will rise to reflect that. If you are happy, your world will become happy.

If you are frustrated and angry, everywhere in the world, you will see frustration and anger.

It’s a mind-bending realisation and a huge responsibility to know and own that we draw everything to us and away from us based on the energy we are in. That energy is pushing out into the physical world and creating the reality you are living in. No one else can drag you out of this energy, no one else is to blame, the world is not to blame, regardless of how unfair it seems.

Regardless of what story we have running about the world, ourselves or others, in the end we each have to take stock of our own position and decide the energy is either in alignment or out of alignment with the destiny of our own flow.

We do a lot of talking about destiny, don’t we? Now, just explore this for a second, your destiny is directed and bound by your energy. Where are you directing that energy? Are you using it to feel and feed the destiny you want to create?

Or are you directing your energy towards fear?

Fear of not being enough, fear of failure, fear of winning, fear of love, fear of history repeating? History repeats itself because our fears are wrapped up in avoidance, because the energy is in what happened before, so it repeats.

Of course it does, that’s where the energy is being directed. So our destiny is bound by the direction of our energy and focus and all you need to do is become conscious of that direction. Change your mind, change your energy.

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You are not as stuck as you “think”. These goals, sporting, work, life or otherwise, can only draw in towards you while you are drawing that energy. As soon as you start speaking against it and yourself, you move away again. If you want it, you have to feel it.

Thinking it won’t get the job done. You’ve got to feel it fully and believe it’s already yours! If you do and it drops from you, then you were truly not meant to have it. This is the critical component, because this is where everyone spits the dummy, when you don’t get what you wanted and felt into.

However, a slight adjustment in the sails and you get something far better than you envisioned. All you have to do is stay in flow, stay patient and stay positive. This is the real power you have at your disposal right now.

Now, I’m not going to suggest for a second that it’s always comfortable. It certainly hasn’t been in my own life, but slowly and surely trust comes. It’s a case of elimination.

Ok, not this, not this, but as the strength in the direction of your energy grows, you begin to realise that if you don’t waver in the face of turmoil and discomfort, that anything is possible.