Mental Skills

Worrying about worrying. It drives us all into a neurotic scan for an equilibrium that does not exist.

But we can make the choice not to double down.

This mind has such a veracious appetite, it’s either chewing on the outside world or it’s chewing on the internal dialogue.

The collateral damage is depth and human essence.

You gotta chew, but no one ever said you had to swallow.

There is such a stunning paradox between what we see and what we feel.

It’s about not being afraid of your own thoughts as, unfortunately, many of us are. It sucks, it separates us.

I know you don’t trust me, your energy is speaking a language your mind knows nothing of. That language is a braille we were not taught to read as children, so we grow up bereft of truth.

You have all these ideas about who you think I am when you look at me. It’s just a skin, a veneer. I know my face cannot carry the depth of who I am or convey the depth of my heart.

My heart is often nearly jumping out of my chest when I know you are not really reading me, taking me at my words as I fumble around trying to find an expression in words that meets your understanding.

I desperately want to meet your essence, and I want you to meet mine.

Looks really are only skin deep, you can’t know a god damn thing about a person by judging what you see. It takes time to get to know someone, to mentally shut up and allow that person's essence to shine through the form.

Behaviour is a lousy gauge of the human you are present with. If you can be still enough, mentally neutral and present enough, that person's essence gets the opportunity to shine through and it can take your breath away.

What a gift you give to the other person when you can be the space for this person to be themselves, what a gift you give to yourself to witness it.

I can see all your beauty shining through the layers of protection and it is stunning. Yea, I know you don’t think you are beautiful when you look in that mirror at the fading form, but if only you could sense what I sense, what a reflection that would be.

How it breaks my heart to see you talk to yourself like that, knowing full well that it is my voice too.

A lifetime of critical self-judgment brings me to this precipice of essence that shines through your form and reminds me that my essence shines too for those who will see it.

That, my friends, is pure elegance.

Here’s to that!