Faith On Trial

Mental Skills

scrabble tiles spelling trust
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As a collective, we lack trust. We fail to trust each other because we lack faith in ourselves.So yes, faith is on trial for all the dreams that haven’t come true.

All the broken individual and collective ideals, the relationships, the personal conflicts, the wars, the terror, the abuse of the planet, driven by the abuse of ourselves. As within, so to without.

What we are looking at is a symptom of a dis-ease called a lack of faith. Faith says, I trust myself as I am and I trust the world as it is.

The opposite, of course, is suspicion and cynicism.The cynicism drives us to milk the planet and each other for all it is worth while we have the chance. Using the only benevolence we will ever know as a commodity. I

t’s like intentionally poisoning your own food. I have an intuition that this may be the most important period of my own life. A gap in the transmission of my life where my experience is empty, truly empty, solo, and the insights come like lightening rods in my head and heart.

When the shit hits the fan and everything falls completely apart in the worst possible scenario that you can imagine and you don’t expire, faith and trust then gets the chance to play its hand.

Hold Out Till The Last Light
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So I realise that faith and trust requires mental space to make its presence felt. So, faith is earn't, not given!

Faith rises in the space that trust provides.

The world is not made of what you see, it is made of what you are feeling!Follow it inward to the source and you will find that every single thing you are looking at out there is made of what you are feeling in here. You are the source of all of it.

Faith is utterly innocent!

Trust is trustable.

Grow trust and faith, water them like you would water a plant and watch how fast your attitude to the outside world and other people changes.