Feeling Stuck

Feeling Stuck

Often feeling stuck is a simple resistance to reality.

The presentation of reality is as it is. That in of itself is not a problem, we don’t have any control over it what so ever.

The problem we make for ourselves is created when when the picture of reality doesn’t match the picture in our heads of what we think it “should” look like.

We flatten the living out of it when we take to measuring life instead of living it within the ebb and flow of the tidal nature of life.

It’s a miserable way to exist, a life broken down to an endless scrolling screen of likes and dislikes creates suffering to the point of even disliking the space in which the likes are appearing, because we are worried about the picture of dislikes reappearing.

When we live this way life is suffering. Many live this way!

We get ourselves into even more trouble when we mix our pictures up with the pictures of others, when we lose the ability to distinguish between the self and the projected pictures of others.

We so desperately want the pictures and thoughts of others to align with ours, so in the end it’s just another hook for another series of judgments, tags, labels, attachments, likes and dislikes.

It’s a maze that we keep ourselves unconsciously totally lost in!

The unproductive process of trying to align thoughts and pictures is like a rats exercise wheel, we keep trying to change the picture and it’s a whole lot of effort that gets us precisely nowhere.

On a societal level we argue and postulate over our beliefs and our ideology’s without really exploring the true nature of them, arguing for them or over them is like trying to argue that a wave on the beach is not made of water.

We use our thinking to get behind our ideology’s, and even for me to be arguing against ideology is also a slippery slope.

The problem with this statement is that ideology too is unconscious. So even rejecting ideology is an ideological statement.

We can’t win, we need to look deeper than our thinking!

Thinking is thinking about thinking. If we want to live a full enriching life of authenticity then we need our thoughts to leave themselves alone, or at the very least for us to just stop entertaining them.

We need to stop trying to change the picture!

How do we stop trying to change the picture when thinking won’t stop thinking?

Radical acceptance is the vaccine for rigid thinking. The acceptance of the picture that is appearing right now.

Realising that believing, or not believing, liking or not liking the current picture just gets us stuck in something that is fluid and always moving.

Reality is then moving and fluid and we are moving against it when we are stuck in our rigid thinking.

Dropping the likes and dislikes and just running with what is, in the end is the only way out of stuckness and back into flow.

Any astronomer will tell you when looking though the eye piece of a telescope at celestial objects that if you want to see the whole picture, you have to soften the focus, and then the peripheral comes into view, you get more of the whole picture rather than just a narrow bandwith of focus.

This is a great metaphor for life.

We get bored, apathetic, depressed and anxious when we narrow the bandwidth and flatten our existence by kneeling at the alter of thought, belief and ideology.

We get stuck in arguments over situations that have already past when we doggedly defend thought and ideology.

The best option is simply go deeper than the surface thoughts that keep us stuck, to see that we are in a moving current that is constantly flowing and changing.

To allow ourselves to be carried by the current of life and to stop fighting, to stop resisting and allow the current to deliver us along the river of life.

Perhaps it is our resistance to the perceived end of that current that keeps us stuck, our most basic fear that the current will drag us to the end.

if I just hang on to the bank, perhaps I won’t go over that waterfall at the end of the river called death!

Like any body of water that goes over a cliff, we can’t see what’s further on, but we know the water keeps flowing. We trust that the water carries on, as it does.

If we are going to trust in life, we must also trust in death, because they are two sides of the same coin.

It’s good to be aware of the ultimate cause of humanities stuckness, our most basic fear we perceive as the ultimate end that we call death, but even that is an idea, we simply do not know. It is life’s greatest mystery.

It’s time for humanity to stop using thinking to hang on to the bank, to let go of the bank and stop resisting the current, you can’t kill water, because it’s one never ending source, as is life!

Life is for living, living is for life!