Mental Skills

Creo que esta flor es una de tantas variedades como existen de lo que yo conozco  como “margarita” . Y si no es así pues lo corrijo cuando me lo aclaren. Me llamó la atención esta flor mientras paseaba por el Paseo Marítimo Antonio Banderas de Málaga por la armonía que transmitía  su intenso y diferentes tonalidades del color así como la  simetría de su pétalos.
Photo by Quino Al / Unsplash

One hundred years from now, you, and no one you know, will be alive. Isn’t that a stunning reflection on how we should live?

This is the moment you are alive, so, this is the moment we should live.

All our concepts are built on the premises of a tomorrow that we really don’t have. Like a flower that blooms, it’s beauty is bound by its transience. It’s colour is most vibrant at the moment that you stop to take it in.

In a few days, you will pass the same spot and not even notice that the flower has wilted and is gone. That was its moment and this is your moment.

There is no reason or point for the colour and fragrance of the flower, and yet, you appreciate it. It’s colour and fragrance is your colour and fragrance, there is no separation there, that’s why you stop, that’s why it makes you internally still for that moment. That colour, that fragrance is inside you.  

Happiness and benevolence are momentary.Happiness is momentary, love is momentary, they arise and dissolve like the flower does, just like you and everyone you knows does. Life is a moment, because transience makes it all about moments. So, every time we leave this reality to project out to the fear of the future, we leave love. That is the conundrum of life as a human being.

When we leave love, we leave life.

We have this idea that love must be reciprocated. I give, so should I get right?

That’s our commercialised mindset that sees life as a market place for little more than trade and trading. That’s not love. However it can be loving done the right way. Love is given freely without expectation.We don’t expect anything from that flower but we appreciate it.

All this living to come to the realisation that love is only about appreciation and the moment it arises. We make this existence far too complex. Its beauty is in its stunning simplicity.

We strategically plan every move we make in life. We stress and worry our way through every move we make and agonise over the details without paying any attention to ground zero.

Ground zero is your life’s set and setting! Set and setting are critical to the enjoyment of your existence here.

Your internal self. Your own experience, conditioning and psychology.

The past is a thought, the future is a thought. That marketplace you stress over is not the source of your flowering.

The flower just enjoys the sun as it rises into its moment, it shares that colour with you freely. It doesn’t stress about its rise or it’s wilting.

It’s beauty is in its transience, just like yours is!

Take the lesson from the flower as you stop and appreciate it.

Rise and wilt in the love of life and the moment you have to flower in it.