We lose focus for one simple reason. We are not focused.

The problem is that we try to use the mind to focus. We have this mad idea that focus is something that you do with your head. Indeed, I have seen people marketing the idea that they can teach you to focus. Of course, while you are busy trying to learn how to focus, you are not focused.

You are using your mind to try to learn something that you can never do, because you already are "focus" itself. The reason you can read these words and take them onboard is because you are focused.

When you are not focused, it means your head has taken you off to the land of fantasy and story. So, it’s about being more of what you already are. As soon as we add complexity to it, we lose it again.

It hasn’t really gone anywhere, we’ve just covered it up again with layers of junk. OK, so the reason we can’t focus is that we have too much static, too many ideas, too much mental noise.

Pelican wetsuit from Watery
Photo by Malik Skydsgaard / Unsplash

That focus that we all talk about in sport is made of nada! Nothing, emptiness. There is no division in attention.

Great focus is a simple lack of division!

Having problems with focus?

Look at all the ways you divide yourself mentally and you will find the reason. There is no duality in focus. It's a one-way street.

We are trying to work it all out and find the root of success. That causes all sorts of ideas about what we need to do to become more focused, and we kid ourselves that focus is made of lots of doing.

That’s not the focus, that is division.

So, once you line up for that key training session or race and you need to really focus, do yourself a great service.

Don’t think about it.