Get Busy Living

Get Busy Living

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The conditions of life do not predetermine how we live. But trying to live life on a purely mental level predisposes us to a life of lack driven by doubt and fear.

We never get to that mountain top of happiness that we dream exists once we have traversed this climb that we all believe we need to endure. The problem is, while we are so busy trying to get to the top, life is slipping through our fingers.

The only thing the top signifies is the end of a mental idea, and of course, the mind tells you the more you’ve got, the more you need.

The bottom line is: Everybody dies, not everybody lives!

Many of us are disconnected from our essential nature. That nature is not an idea. It is an experience. It’s the part of you that recognises the utter beauty of life before the mind comes in to tag, label and flatten everything you experience.

Beauty is a recognition that is made by the heart, not the head. We have lost connection to our instinctual centre that drives the living, natural aspects of life on this planet as a being, not a doing.

There are no doings! Just a lot of confused beings trying desperately to define themselves by what they do, or what they think has to be done to be worthy of living this life. I know, I have been one of them!We can, however, choose to live through the heart.

But, we are afraid of the heart, because if it is allowed to express itself, it is intense. The heart tears apart the illusion like a lion tears apart a carcass. It shreds all definitions and leaves you bare naked in front of the instinctual aspects of life itself. You are "animal" not some alien planted here by mistake, or a slave to a machine.

We are afraid of the heart because it speaks the dead straight truth, it leaves no quarter. It takes you directly through your pain and avoidance, but there is no healing force like it.

Places, faces, traces of the people who are no longer in my life. Piercing echos and heart wrenching beautiful memories phase in and out and torment the limited capacity of my mind and brain.

@sea of galilee, Israel
Photo by Mor Shani / Unsplash

Only the heart has the space and the power to hold it. The heart needs no permission or conditions to love. All of our pain and suffering is brought to us through the mental judgements we make of ourselves.

I know when you judge me, it’s more of an admission about yourself than me, and vice versa. Everybody is just trying to live the best way they can. We have ideas that some have it easier than others, but we are all headed to exactly the same place. Go easy on yourself and go easy on others.

Love yourself and live in your heart and you’ll begin to understand what others are going through. That makes for more compassionate humans, in my opinion.

Living life through the heart is intense, but if the fork comes for you, my friend, like it has for me, move towards the intensity of the heart.

It is life as it really is.

Rich beyond measure.