Give in, Don't give up

Give in, Don't give up

Training Insights

Contrary to popular athletic opinion, true development does not come from outstanding sessions or killer weeks. 

Your resilience embeds itself among your conflicts, when you are tired, frustrated, angry, fatigued and fed up.

When you are doubting yourself, and you don’t know how to proceed, and you feel like you are down to fumes.

When you are responding to shit you don’t like in the same old way, and it dawns on you that you can do this differently this time. 

You can make a different choice here. 

This is your opportunity knocking. Let go of the story and give in, but do not give up!

To be OK with not knowing about outcomes and just stay here. 

woman in purple shirt and white brassiere
Photo by Munbaik Cycling Clothing / Unsplash

The suck turns into a surge when you finally realise you are beyond the suck. 

When you come to the realisation that the only way to capitalise on what feels shit is to accept it and listen. 

Instead of giving up and going home with the shits, you see clearly that this giving up will follow you into your next race. You are enabling your own weakness by entertaining this mental resistance. 

So you make the choice to give into what you are feeling, that is not be ignored, it’s how we grow. 

From there, you make a choice to settle and self-regulate rather than bring stress to a discomfort. 

Now you are truly growing, letting your nervous system know that you are listening rather than trying to overcome it with bullshit negative, abusive self-talk. 

There’s a Vulcan intelligence in all of us that many of us don’t know exists. 

It resonates way down deep inside you, far beyond the surface layer of words and images that your mind tries to use to wrestle this process.

So I say to you;  Give in, but don’t give up!

Gilesy 💪❤️