Racing Insights

Making it complicated is the new way it seems. As If the physical technicality of training three disciplines into one wasn’t enough, we have added layer upon layer of complexity.

Then we are more than willing, it seems, to have to pay someone to decode it.

It’s a great business model. IMO it’s also a form of disassociation.

Being consistent will always win out over any preoccupation with content.

Now, if people put as much effort into their physical and mental preparation as they did into the content of the technical process, they would find a deep vein of potential lying there.

I’m lovingly watching athletes more preoccupied with a minuscule aerodynamic advantage and the Instagram feed than they are with their training, their weight or the state of their mental stability.

Now sure, if that’s your jam, go for it, but don’t kid yourself for a second that this is what it’s about. This is a deep experience in truth. Ignore the spiritual aspect if you want to, but you’ll be robbing the truth blind to pay a mental projection.

Granted. It has become a very technical sport. But at the end of the day, no matter how technical it becomes, it will always be about the quality of your attention, your intention and the blood and guts you are willing to spill of yourself on that course when things get tough.

woman in purple crew neck t-shirt and black shorts sitting on white floor
Photo by Munbaik Cycling Clothing / Unsplash

When all the talk has ceased and the fur is flying, it’s about the re-engagement of your intention over and over again, the attention you that are willing to bring here and now, your capacity to bring it, and the remembrance of your why.

That’s your grit!That’s the sandpaper that smooths your way, and sands down the rough edges of your resistance, so you can fully accept the suffering that you are purposely bringing to yourself.

Technology, regardless of how efficient it becomes at lowering our times, cannot carry the burden and the weight of the responsibility for the truth.

The measure of that truth is heart and guts.

That will never change.