A Sacred Drive

Mental Skills

I took this reference from my own son's podcast, “staybrave”.

I guess it is every man’s goal to be schooled by his own children. I am being schooled by both of mine. It’s a strange feeling to sense the threads of your own subtle influence return to you as a parent, expanded by young hearts and minds.

To see them both bring a yes to life and performance in their own passionate ways inspires the hell out of me to understand more about the true value and meaning of performance and life.

It is a sacred drive, and to live it to its function, we have to stay brave. Anyone who thinks it is not sacred siphons a great deal of power from any performance-based endeavour.

We weren’t put here to flounder and give up, we were put here to learn how to thrive. Not by removing the obstacles or the suffering, but to learn how to thrive while experiencing their full weight.

To bring a yes to the difficulty and the discomfort, that’s bravery. To accept, learn and understand the teaching, that’s the sacredness. To accept this unfolding of challenge is never going to stop.

It’s OK, you don’t have to overcome it or waste your time trying to protect yourself from it. Live it, don’t disassociate, don’t turn the other cheek. Let it chew you up and spit you out.

Live and love balls out. Here I am in all my shit, I accept. I say yes!

OK, here I go again, throwing myself off another precipice, being reckless, risking abandonment, judgment, allowing myself to be seen, being vulnerable enough to say hell yea, this is what I want.

This is not a movie. No one experiences its aliveness without dirt, shit, slips, falls, and heartbreaks. That's the deal.

If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band!

Can we accept the butt kicking that we know is coming with that sense of aliveness?

If that’s not brave and sacred, I don’t know what is.