Haunted and Deluded

Haunted and Deluded

Don’t be deluded by imagination nor haunted or by memory, both of them are illusions created in the mind.

The mind projects it’s own vision and the world is not seperate from the mind, so what you see in the world is a projection of the mind. No one else can see that projection, what you see in the world and the judgments made of it create your individual world. What I see is not what you see, on any given day I see a world that is light and you see a world that is dark, and of course vice versa.

The light and the dark is created by the inner view, not the outer reality, but certainly when our inner view is dark, the world is a dark, cold place. The world is nowhere near as solid as you would have yourself believe. Most of the time we are not victims of the world at all, rather we are victims of memory and imagination.

The pressures we put ourselves under and the stress we feel is memory and imagination, pure illusion brought on by a state of mind. The mind projects a start and an end point and squeezes the life out of itself by living in a dark dream world created by mind.

We victimise ourselves!

Because we are victims of our own mind, we disassociate from it by projecting the pressure and stress onto others and by blaming external circumstances in the outer world. We see the world collectively as stressful and pressured and the world reflects back that delusion. We are running the truth through a filter of delusion.

The truth is not out there in the world. There is absolutely no truth what so ever in stress and pressure, there is pure chaos when we project that illusion onto others; everybody loses, everybody suffers. It matters not one iota that we all suffer from the same delusion of memory and imagination.

There is no measure of collective mental health by being aligned to a collective delusion. One need only look at our history to see the evidence of this collective illusion that we buy into and hypnotise each other with. The epidemic of depression, anxiety and suicide is a symptom of a much larger problem that is now calling for our collective attention. The world you see is your own.

We make a choice unconsciously to delude ourselves and others on a diet of lack and fear, pressure and stress. It’s gone on long enough, the bell is ringing and the epidemic of anxiety, depression and suicide is reality’s way of getting our attention, and it’s working to break the chains of our collective delusions. We must stop blaming it on anxiety and depression and start looking at the bigger picture, we need to wake up from memory and imagination and start to work with truth.

There is as much love in the world as there is hate, as much light as dark, as much benevolence as stress and pressure. We make choices that damage us as individuals and as a consequence we damage ourselves collectively. We spread this disease of stress and pressure to each other like a virus, but the vaccine for this virus has always been in our possession and our own truth is the antidote.

You are the solitary witness of all there is, forever free. Your only bondage is not seeing this ~Ashtavakra Gita 1:7.