Hitting the Ground

Hitting the Ground

Having it go wrong. Bad luck, injury, sickness, covid 19, but what about my goals? What about my dreams and outcomes?

What about the deeper truth that we are not grounded?

Either we are rooted to the ground by life, or we float from one state to another and life will keep sending the messenger, are you going to pay attention or stay asleep in it?

Are you going to ground yourself or are you going to allow yourself to continue to be the victim?

This is always the choice in times of challenge. The problem with challenge is not the issue, the issue is our resistance to the challenge.

The opportunity is in the very moment that the challenge arises, literally the second that it appears. Let’s take a bike crash or a bad running fall for example.

While it’s happening your automated protection mechanisms have taken over, you are flying through the air, the mind has left the building and pure awareness is in the driver's seat, instincts are dealing with it.

You’ve hit the ground, skin is off or a myriad of other physical issues are arising in your awareness.

Now is the moment. Now is your opportunity!

As the automated instinctual protection mechanism moves into the background again, the mind comes surging back to fill the space.

No, no, no, not now, oh this can’t be happening, I don’t want this, what about my goals? What about my dreams? How could this happen to me? Why me? If only I had done this or that, if only I’d just slowed a little. Oh it’s over, it’s all over, you idiot, how could you be so stupid?

Does this internal dialogue sound familiar?

However this is your opportunity to set the sails right now, resist or move toward healing from the very moment it happens.

Science has proven to us that water changes its structure by the intention we put into it, literally.

Stand with a friend while they are being belligerent, resistant and cynical. Then stand with them while they are calm, present and grounded, tell me you can’t feel the difference in your own body.

Now, we unconsciously fail to understand the impact of the thoughts we have on our own state of healing. The physical body is on average 60% water, we know the impact that intention has on water, and that is just one aspect of the physicality being affected purely by the energy of intention and thought.

However the energy that we can’t see nor measure called awareness has an even greater impact when it is used in the direction of healing.

So in the moment after the impact we need to set the intension immediately by using our thinking that is filtered through pure awareness, not judgement based resistant thought.

When we use awareness the intuitive question arises, what do I need right now?

That is a question that we need to keep asking all the way through the recovery process, and that requires a level of self trust that you can’t get by using mind and conditioned based thought, because we are taught accidents are terrible, injuries are horrible, and pain must be avoided at all costs.

But when it comes as it does for all of us, we must make a decision not to descend into catastrophe.

In that moment while you are lying there, if we want to heal we must make a choice in the direction of awareness, acceptance and self nurture, not self torture.

Most of the time athletes will make a choice for self torture. Go on, check it out in your history, what did you do with your last challenge that involved a physical off like this?

We have the power to affect other human beings simply through the energy we give off, we have the power to change the structure of water simply through the intention and thinking we put into it.

Now let’s expand this out further, everyday in every moment, we affect our lives by the intention and the energy we are putting into it through our thinking, our belief, our resistance or our levels of acceptance and non resistance.

This is not “woo woo”, this is stone could fact!

We are truly the masters of our own domain, what you put out there is what you get back. If you believe you are a victim, guess what? A victim you shall be.

The second you blame external circumstances for your challenge, the second you lose your opportunity to overcome it and learn from it.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of self awareness, intention, self nurture, acceptance, non resistance, presence and the final piece, grounding!

What is grounding? Grounding is your ability to stay with what is happening, to not turn away or flinch in the face of challenge. We can literally feel it by standing with our feet shoulder width apart and feeling the connection of our feet to the ground.

When we go into judgement, resistance, anxiety, blame and frustration, the ground is the first thing to go, you go up into your head and you literally lift off and lose your ground.

In that moment of lifting off the ground, you lose your power, you piss it away to give control to an illusionary conglomerate of thought based bias driven by the pure delusion of a mind that eats its meals through your resistance.

Keep your feet on the ground and hold fiercely to your own power, you are the only one that can.