Huskinsson Ultimate Triathlon Course Review

Huskinsson Ultimate Triathlon Course Review

The Husky triathlon presents a picturesque yet demanding course in Jervis Bay, offering athletes a perfect blend of beauty and challenge.

The Husky Triathlon has become one of Australia’s most loved and iconic of the Long Course events. With some of the nation’s finest athletes sizzling the shores of the Shoalhaven, the 2024 event is shaping up to be the best one ever.

Set on the shores of Jervis Bay Marine Park, Huskisson comes alive when over 5000 fabulous athletes hit town for a weekend of multisport festival fun. When you are looking at your race calendar this race is certainly not one you want ot leave off it.

Huskinson is what I would refer to as a rolling course. 2 lap swim, 3 lap bike and 2 lap run gives spectators plenty of opportunity to support their favourite athletes.

Course Overview

  • Swim: This open water ocean swim is in fairly protected waters thanks to Huskinsson being nestled inside of Jervis Bay. Thanks to the calm seas, the course starts with an 400m swim straight out to sea. Thankfully the straight is long enough to separate some of the field, and the first turnaround shouldn’t be too congested. You’ll take a sharp right turn before turning right again and back to the beach, twice through.
  • Bike: It's a three lap undulating course. Basically three anti-clockwise loops where you head north out of town, then do a big loop and come back into town from the south. The roads are pretty good. Few pot holes and cracks but so long as one is wary, they can be avoided and the roads can be quite quick. Particularly on the final third of the laps the roads are quick. In terms of the undulations, it is a bit of a long uphill for the first 10km or so north out of town. Athletes then turn left onto Jervis Bay Road and hit a heavily undulating section of the road with lots of little pinches. Unless you are very light or very strong, it will be difficult to push over some of the longer pinches with the momentum from the downhills, so there is some climbing involved. All in all though, it is well varied with plenty of opportunities to get out of the saddle to stretch the legs but still flat enough to spend plenty of time in the aero position. The combination between the punchy little hills and the flatter sections means powerful cyclists will love this course.
With over 650m of climbing sprinkled over 90km, the Husky bike course is fast and stunning but will continue to challenge.
Shimano Husky Ultimate
Shimano Husky Ultimate, on Ride with GPS. Sun. February 27, 2022. .
  • Run: The run is a two lap out and back course. You run south for 5km to Vincentia along a shared path parallel to the bay. Except for that last hill (hit twice, once at the end of the lap and once just before the end), the course is the largely flat. A couple of minor rises and fall but nothing of particular concern and just being mindful that there is some pinches you will need to pace out. Aid stations are plentiful. You will have not go far without seeing spectators on the side cheering you on.

In conclusion, The course is well varied but quite quick. You will not regret giving this one a go. This race is an excellent choice for athletes looking for a race with a balance of scenic beauty and challenging terrain. It's fast course history, combined with the potential for varied swim conditions and a hilly bike and run, makes it a race that can cater to a variety of strengths and preferences.