Inviting Trouble

Training Insights

Triatleta durante la carrera a pie por el Paseo Marítimo Antonio Banderas de un triatlón celebrado en Málaga.
Photo by Quino Al / Unsplash

If you look for trouble, rest assured, you will find it. Scanning for danger will bring that danger to you. Seeking comfort will eventually make you uncomfortable.

So, trying to stay away from trouble will, ultimately, get you into trouble. It’s the trouble bubble. Anything is possible if you stay open to possibility. If you don’t close down to it.

Most of us don’t believe in the possible because we are too busy following the probable. The safety of a safe bet is possibilities death bed.

But being open is a vulnerable space that makes many of us feel unsafe, because we kid ourselves that we can somehow make ourselves or the world safe. So we try to turn away the trouble in difficulty and discomfort. The turning away from difficulty will lead you into a toxic stall.

Complacency is a weed that will strangle the life from your potential.  I’ve known it only too well in my own life. Only now, am I beginning to understand the true nature of realising my own potential.

You gotta allow yourself to fall apart or nothing new will grow. This good damn garden is overgrown with safety weeds, most of us can hardly breathe in here, it’s suffocation at the hands of our own limitations.

You can’t really grow anything until you have weeded that garden. You don’t really know what you can go through until you have gone through it.

Here’s the thing though:

If you can accept the comfortable, you can damn well accept the uncomfortable too. Trust me, it’s true. It’s a choice!

It’s just that we always choose the comfortable, and hence, we fail to grow and we become agitated and, paradoxically, uncomfortable anyway.

Move towards what makes you uncomfortable.The fear of that discomfort is the direct path to your potential.