Just Breathe

Mental Skills

Photo by Eli DeFaria / Unsplash

How did pressure become a badge of honour? When did the level of our anxiety become the measure of our effort?

How did the gauge of our effectiveness become about how much information we can retain and regurgitate?

People move faster, talk faster, listen less and understand little!Addicted to a never ending information stream that spews from phones, laptops and TV.

We are talking at each other, we are no longer talking to each other!

The message is clear. You need to learn more. When you learn more, you’ll be more. Human connection is the casualty. Our state of being is more like a state of doing. Its a never ending list of “to dos” that you need to complete before you can move onto an even more frenzied state of doing.

But you’ll have more certificates on the wall and more digits in that bank account while you eat your poisoned food. But it’s faster and easier, right?

But is it, really?

The pressure never ends inside my head. I want to sit here and contemplate what the hell I’m doing here on this planet, but the machine out there is calling me to the next thing I need to do or know.

All the while, the empty space that you need for understanding and rationale to arise has gone begging in your need to know more, and the machines need to push it onto you.

We are all in a frenzy to talk for the sake of talking, think for the sake of thinking, do for the sake of doing!Tragically, that is now the social norm we expect from each other.

Man breathing behind a Monstera plant leaf
Photo by Jorge Bermudez / Unsplash

The rate of anxiety and depression are rising in direct correlation to the speed we are living at. The anxiety is at record levels because we aren’t staying silent enough internally to hear our own guidance.

If I can’t hear my own guidance, then I’m certainly not going to listen to yours, right? Life is not a doing!

Everything you are doing is rising inside it. If you want to understand anything, you have to surround it in the spacious attention of your awareness. Knowing something narrows your attention down, understanding something requires the broadening of your awareness. Another word for awareness is stillness.

All true creative genius arises from stillness.

Don’t be afraid of letting go. Dance, love, move, sit still, breathe and relax.

The sky won’t fall in.