Mindset Setmind!

Mindset Setmind!

That word pretty much sums it up for me. A set of thoughts that I try to program into my mind.

I set my mind on this or that, I try to block out the things I don’t want to think.

Bargaining with my mind to try and get it to play nice and to “think” happy or successful thoughts.

Like a circus animal I hope to train my mind to behave the way I “think” it should, and it does, until it doesn’t.

It takes me on all sorts of fantasy’s that have nothing to do with the present moment or any reality that is unfolding here and now.

For practical purposes it’s certainly useful, but most of the time it wanders around in a soup of illusion.

Thoughts! The fixated, the frustrated, the agitated, the aggravated, the overstated, understated, inflated and in my opinion, all of it certainly overrated.

I have put far too much importance on those temporary arising and dissolving clouds of mist that I misjudged as the content of myself.

A wandering vagrant of no fixed address. A hitchhiker I picked up in my early childhood who won’t get out of the car. He doesn’t know where his destination is, and because he’s been in the car so long I now misinterpret the hitchhiker as me.

No I don’t like the word “Mindset”. There is nothing set about the hitchhiker called mind. He doesn’t know where he’s going. I can try to set him, but lost he will still be.

Even when I follow his directions, he still tells me I’ve taken the wrong turn.

I realise I am as confused as he is, and the reason for that is I have been trying to contain, maintain, retrain, subrogate and alleviate. In the end none of it works.

So he’s in the car with me for life, that’s a given.

The question is - Who is in the drivers seat?

So far I have been taken for a ride, even in my own attempts to correct for my thinking, because in the end it’s more of the same. In the trying to change my thinking I am still leaving the hitchhiker in the drivers seat. I am still lost in the content just like he is. I have to get him out of the drivers seat so I can move from content to clarity. I have to move beyond “mind set” into definition.

If I can have a “mindset” who am I? Clearly I have a mind. Clearly I am aware of my own thinking.

If I am mind, then how is this possible? It would be like asking my teeth to bite themselves, it’s not possible.

To be both the doer and the seer at the same time.

Someone is standing apart, who is that? That is me. That is the deeper me, that is the real me. That is the energetic non physical field of awareness called consciousness itself.

That’s right, that spooky stillness that follows me when I am alone. That stillness that I try to fill with the content of my mind so I don’t have to be alone with that emptiness.

That key realisation has done more for me than all the delving into the content of mind has, or could ever do.

In that realisation of the non physical element of definition is the real freedom. The full weight then of the realisation that I myself, am quite literally creating my own reality as it appears and unfolds, that holy hell, I am in fact in the drivers seat, the second I choose to be.

The hitchhikers' stories of content, “what did and didn’t happen, what they did to me, etc etc” all immediately falls into the background under the full weight of reality itself.

The reality of the background conscious truth that I create my own reality, and that I choose the actions and reactions to this unfolding life. No one else is responsible or to blame.

Mindset? Pull over driver, you’ve had quite enough!