Mental Skills

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Attach to the process, not to the outcome. The outcome is a simple product of the process.

External motivation will always eventually come up empty. If the soul focus is on earning a reward like a mouse on an exercise wheel, eventually we come up empty, bored, apathetic, listless and exhausted.

The external reward in the motivation, the avoidance of the guilt of doing, overdoing, or under doing what needs to be physically done and the confusion it creates. Trying to create the perfect picture in the projection of what it looks like from the outside, are not strong enough to bind long term motivation to it, nor is it strong enough to foster long term enjoyment.

Being good at something is not good enough!

In the long run, being in love with it is a much stronger bond than talent.

Anyone can be good at something.

It’s just not that complicated, if it’s something you want to do, do it! But stop with the layers of external projection, it’s just creates inner chaos.

The intrinsic enjoyment needs to be stronger than the external reward, if there is intrinsic motivation the connection comes through the process which makes it far easier to be present with it, create flow, accept what is happening.

If the motivation is in rewards, the connection is in the end game, the outcome, the reward, the future, the projection. One projection will create another, the chaos comes when we are so busy dealing with projection that we lose contact with the actual process.

We need to stop honouring the ghosts of the past and let go of them, honouring your past does nothing other than keep you stuck there. The same applies to the future, the fears we carry to hopefully stop the past reoccurring, makes it reoccur, it’s the ultimate paradox. When we operate this way we perpetuate the past, by fearing the future.

It’s a simple case of be here now and do what you feel to do. Don’t let what happened, or what could happen influence the process.

What progress or experience do we make without the risk of failure or setback?

We overthink risk! We will accept almost reckless levels of risk in some cases while speaking out in loud fearful tones about others. Guarantees are for car yards and often full of empty promises of safety, there isn’t any, get over it.

As far as motivation and enthusiasm goes let’s use this adult metaphor, and I’m using it because it is an area that so many are confused by. Once again projection causes chaos, guilt and shame, but let’s explore this question that no one ever wants to talk about, why do human beings have sex?

Reproduce, to procreate, is that it?

Or because it feels good, could we agree that it is, on its own, energetic?

In its raw form it is energetic, expressive, fun, but for the most part it is an automated instinctual drive that keeps humanity going.

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Now let’s add the layers of projection to this, guilt, shame, religion, societal stigma, and we could go on and on, but we won’t. Regardless of your view on the topic, it’s a natural process, it’s takes projection to turn it into something sinister.

What’s the point? Humanity has backed itself into a corner even with the process that replicates it, through projection. It’s just one example of how we create chaos.

You can’t look for motivation, there are no real pointers to staying motivated. Motivation is not external, it is intrinsic. If you leave it alone, in its natural energetic state, motivation and enthusiasm will serve you well, but if you tie it up in layers of projection, it will turn you into its slave, which will in turn starve your process, your motivation and your enthusiasm of oxygen.

If you come up void for motivation, don’t look for the answer further out there in the world. Look for your inner motive, it’s in there buried under all the layers of crap.

Often a loss of motivation is a loss of love, love is lost by complacency, by taking it for granted. If you are not grateful for it, you can’t be motivated by it.

Stop thinking it, start feeling it, release the weight in it. You started it because it feels good, didn’t you, how can you top that? What better motive can there be?

If it feels good, do it! This works for the reproduction of life itself, and being that you are life, you already instinctively know how to apply this.

The energy in the natural state will naturally develop you in the process as long as you don’t turn it into something it isn’t.

Look at it for what it is, not for what you want it to be, not for what you wish it would or could be, nor what you can make from it, or what it would look like to other people. All of that is external, all of it moves away from the truth.

Nothing that truly drives the process when you are actually in it will arise from out there. It will be you inside the process and that is all there ever is.

If you want ultimate success, look at this. If you want stronger motivation and enthusiasm, look at this. If you want more enjoyment, look at this.

Now, what if you applied this to your whole life, what is possible?