Mental Skills

Photo by Michal Pechardo / Unsplash

The mind is so powerful, like a magnet, it attracts the flowing energy, regardless of what that energy contains. While ever we define ourselves by its flow and content, we make ourselves and others a victim of it.

We draw conclusions from the dialogue that flows out of our minds without standing back to consider what it is we are feeding it. The mind has a voracious appetite. If you are not aware enough, it will gorge itself on stories of victimhood, rights and wrongs and colour your whole world dark brown. So the question is: Can you live without drawing conclusions?

Can you sit back and allow the world to be as it is without allowing the flow of your mind to govern the flow of your mood and the actions you take? We turn our own lives into a shit-show of conflict, judgment, bias, victimhood and self-hatred when we believe in the ongoing flow of our own stories.

Nobody does it to us, we do it to ourselves. We all have this inner superpower, made of self-observation. You don’t need to do anything to learn it. In fact, all you have to do is the opposite of that, slip into your own neutrality and be an anti-doing. Put yourself into mental neutral and just spend some time watching how your mind reacts to this world.

You don’t need to make it right or wrong, just observe, no judgments, no conclusions. You very quickly become aware that your mind reacts to the world based on what it has experienced before. For most of us, that means it reacts with defence and protection. Don’t make that wrong either. What a wonderful instrument of protection it is.

But it’s easy to see where most of societies' conflict arises from. But here’s the thing, the more you observe in neutrality, the more you realise how much a story holds you back. We fence ourselves in and make ourselves small. A narrow mind equates to a narrow life lived in corridors full of closed doors!

Photo by Maël BALLAND / Unsplash

My hope is that you don’t have to spend as much time alone as I have to come to this realisation. Still, what a gift aloneness and self-observation can be, I am most grateful for it. We are so absorbed by the world of doing, and the static is so loud that it drowns out our self-reflection in the silent space that is our natural state. The responsibility for our actions in this world is all with us.

It doesn’t matter what someone else says or does. The conflict is a story, and the battle is waged on the beaches of ignorance! We are really only stabbing at the other to alleviate our own pain and you will never hurt the other as much as you hurt yourself while you are wielding that dagger.

It always leads to you stabbing yourself in the heart. The second you can accept that, is the second that you can take action to change it, and to move into alignment with what your heart really wants.

We have the power to change anything in our lives, but the key to that change is not about doing, it’s about seeing!We can’t make progress in areas where we haven’t taken any action.

The clarity in the action, though, depends on the anti-action.

The simple power of observation.