Mental Skills

Photo by Amy Treasure / Unsplash

Normal is a crazy idea. A projection made based on pure statistics. We are not robots and you can’t throw a blanket across human beings and state, here is normal.

What is the North and South Pole of normal? Who decides?

Polarisation is the plastic bag that snuffs the oxygen from our society and makes it nearly impossible to breathe.It leaves no room for individuals or creativity. If the statistical data held true, most of our art and thought leaders would be missing in a bland void of sameness.

We need humans who are going to push the bounties of normal, that exploration must be made if we are going to continue to evolve as a species. Thought, expression and art have always needed freedom to evolve and breathe and so has the general populace.

You can’t apply downward pressure on human beings, force them to adhere to best practice and expect something fresh, or that they will remain mentally healthy.

This is true in all aspects of our lives; sport, work, home life, mental health and everywhere else.

We will never be able to farm creativity, mental health or any performance endeavour out to AI, or best practise.

We do make wonderful discoveries in the world of science though, such as the plethora of mental health medications and the myriad of life-saving medical interventions. Survey though, we would’ve better served to look at why mental health is such a growing problem, rather than keep coming up with new bandaids to treat a wound that is clearly not healing.

The definition of insanity is to continue to make the same mistakes. So. I will tell you this, my friend: You are not broken!

Your struggle is my struggle, I see you.

We need to stop telling people they are not ok as they are. Telling people who are struggling with life in this rush, that they are ill. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We are a symptom of the state of our environment.

Normal is a myth!

Heal the wound and normalise mental struggles. If someone is different, celebrate it. If someone is struggling, listen. If someone is alone, be there. If someone falls over, support them. Stop the isolation, stop telling people they are broken.

Stop treating only the symptoms and go to the heart of the wound. We should all take a long hard look in the mirror with as much love and compassion as we can and act from there.