Mental Skills

Ocean clouds seen from space
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

We are multidimensional beings that are simultaneously able to process inner and outer information at the same time. It’s nothing short of an absolute miracle.

This empty space that is processing and aware. Our outer lives are coming apart in a sense as humanity is starting to wake up to its own presence as more than a physical lump of inert matter. I know these words are controversial in a way.

It has never been government policy to suggest that humans are more than a physicality. It’s bad for business. So we live in a reductionist society that sees itself as little more than an object present to produce goods to buy and sell.

Try and find any other life form on this planet that operates this way. We rigorously study physical matter, including the study of “everything” in the universe. This is, in my opinion, our greatest limitation as a species. It points directly to our reductionist theory that the universe is out there and that we are a tiny spec inside it.

We are studying an outcome, while almost completely ignoring the source of it. What is the universe to you if you are not here as a witness?

Enough time alone and enough time in meditation brings a stunning clarity. The universe is inside consciousness, not the other way around. This is important even in sport because it means we are creating the reality based on the way we are looking at it.

I think we are like a fractal. The further out you look, the more you see of yourself. The issue is, we don’t know what we are looking at because we have no basic understanding of ourselves. I marvel at my own ignorance in this regard, and seriously wonder what power it has been to bring my own life to this point of enquiry.

Curiosity drives itself and has nothing to do with me at all. Studying the objective universe is basically looking at the physical representation of consciousness itself, so utterly immense that it cannot be known in physical terms. Our only hope of understanding is to study experience.

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi / Unsplash

To study the source of the observation, not the observed. This seems fundamental to me at this point in my own experience. Consciousness is primary. Find me one instance in which it isn’t. The impossibility of that has mind-boggling implications.

I know most people don’t care. I understand and respect that. Who cares while you are trying to pay the bills, right? However, I am absolutely certain that our mental health issues are a product of our objective viewpoint of this life as an inert object in space, isolated and separate.

Our reductionist viewpoint of life is responsible for the anxiety, depression and despair we are experiencing.

The cold dark space you think you see out there is the vapour trail that consciousness leaves behind.

While ever we are looking for benevolence out there, we will feel separate from it in here.

Consciousness is primary in the universe and matter is a result thereof.