On the front foot

On the front foot

Training Insights

Mount an attack, not a defence. If you go into a race with a survival mindset, you are on the back foot before you even start. Lets discuss.

Ironman 70.3 - Triathlon in Perú
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Mount an attack, not a defence.

If you go into a race with a survival mindset, you are on the back foot before you even start.

In training you need to cover the physical bases so you don't think you have it covered, you have to know and believe you have it covered.

Doing other people's workouts, following and not leading, taking none of your own initiatives will invariably leave you in defence mode in the race when it counts most.

The upshot is to make sure you do most of your quality-specific sessions solo.

Get Real.

Be ruthlessly honest and real with yourself. Work from where you are, not from dreams or fantasy.

Progress is incremental and it occurs in real time. Staying with, and working with where you are right now allows the space for progression to occur without the compression that often leads to sickness and injury when we overreach.


It’s a simple byproduct of a lack of awareness. Now, injury, sickness, overtraining, chronic fatigue are not symptoms of overreaching at all, they are all symptoms of a lack of awareness.

If you have yourself in a spiral of injury and sickness and are bemoaning your bad luck or your body’s incapacity to handle the volume or the intensity, don’t just explore the physical reality, look closely at your deeper state of awareness.

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Beyond Belief.

Your goals, the ideas and stories you tell yourself create a realm of belief that is as solid as the thoughts you entertain. Not very right? They come and go.

Embody the process. Stay in your body rather than constantly rising into your head, creating a vacuum of doubt and suspicion as those ideas come and go like the wind.

In a session, stay grounded, work with the natural awareness you possess and stay out of resistance, just let it be and pay attention to how your body is responding. That is direct feedback, no intermediary, no bullshit.


Belief is a product of action, not fantasy. See it, stay present, feel it, create it, watch it.

Confidence is the knowledge that your body can absorb the suck. You have to teach it that. It’s an embodiment.

Listen as closely as you can to that body of yours and you’ll learn far more about your potential than you could ever learn by pushing ideas and concepts.

Once you know yourself, you will know confidence.