Personalised Training Plans for Your Triathlon Goals

Personalised Training Plans for Your Triathlon Goals

An experienced triathlon coach will fully customise your training plan based on your distinct goals, current fitness level, time commitments, and preferences through flexible online platforms and open communication.

I take a very personalised approach to crafting training plans for each athlete I work with. It starts by listening closely to understand your specific goals, current ability level, time commitments, and preferences.

I use TrainingPeaks as an online platform which allows me to fully customise workouts week-by-week and day-by-day to align with your unique needs. I can adjust intensity, duration, intervals, rest periods, and more for every session.

My extensive experience coaching triathletes of all levels also informs the training plan. I know how to progress your fitness appropriately without overdoing it and leading to injury or burnout.

Work with Grant
Grant Giles, a Level-3 High Performance Coach, offers personalised triathlon coaching with a strong focus on mental resilience.

During your on-boarding, I will have you complete assessments to accurately gauge your swim, bike, and run ability. This establishes your starting point and abilities to build from.

My knowledge of triathlon periodisation principles allows me to plan progressive overload and recovery weeks to optimise adaptation. I'll help you be ready to peak at key events.

I welcome open communication about how the plan is working for you. We will adjust based on your feedback, daily data, and any other life factors. My commitment is a customised approach for your success.