COVID, Calm the Farm

COVID, Calm the Farm

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Challenging times we are going through no doubt. Often challenge and the doubts like we are facing right now tend to expose our core wounds, often leaving us feeling raw, exposed and vulnerable.

For the athletes right now, these are uncertain times, athletes like to control their external world but right now that is not possible. What we are doing in this podcast is exploring what you can control right now. This is not the time to be disintegrating into apathy. There is always opportunity hidden within challenge, we must stay open to that.

We collectively seem to be doing all we can right now on an outer level, but what can we do on an inner level to steady ourselves, to not get dragged headfirst into the next negative headline? What can we do to steady the ship in wild seas?

In this shorter podcast Gilesy is discussing the nature of challenge and what it brings up in us.

Relax, get a cuppa, and put your feet up for a moment, the world will still be here when you get back, lets explore this landscape together and see what we can find that can help us stay on course.