Craig Alexander, 5 Time World Triathlon Champion

This weeks Roaring Heads Podcast is a guest interview with Craig Alexander, 5 times World Triathlon Champion.
Craig Alexander, 5 Time World Triathlon Champion

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From the outside one would say that Craig is a tough nut. No one excels in Kona and records a Palmarès of such longevity without lashings of mental fortitude and toughness, but what does that actually mean?

In this podcast we explore what that has meant for Craig. There are always clues left in the wake of great champions that can help us to unpick our own locks if we listen carefully enough to the words spoken and what they mean on an experiential level.

So I guess the theme that runs through the entirety of this interview is the power of the self aware athlete. That doesn't necessarily mean the most positive athlete or the most do or die, but it means the athlete who is most honest with themselves, willing to be able to take a good long hard look inside and action change that creates the space for something great.  

A self aware athlete is someone who sells themselves on reality, and then meets that reality with acceptance and a willingness to do what it takes to meet that reality, regardless of what it looks like. Some have in the past called that the digger spirit. Call it what you will, when you line yourself up at the gates of lofty goals, there will be no hiding from yourself. Craig is one of those people who has looked into the grind, the relentless hard graft, the darkness and the un-glamorous nature of its truth and answered the question with a yes, and it makes for interesting listening.

There are many pearls of wisdom in here for all levels of athletes, and of course as sport is such a great metaphor for life, it applies to life in general as well.

Buckle up and listen up, there will be truth bombs in here that will resonate.