Death By Body Image

Death By Body Image

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The advent of Instagram and the body image sales pitch that has created influencers and so called successful movers and shakers, pushing us to look a certain way by targeting our unconscious need to fit and consume, can at times be a very destructive force which separates us from the deeper truth of our potential if we are not using a high degree of self awareness.

The dangers are obvious. Disordered eating, body dysmorphia, unrealistic body shape goals, self judgment, anxiety and depression are the shadows which cloud the perfect pictures.

The projection athletes tend to make of themselves around fitting certain image criteria lends itself to major drawbacks in terms of development, personal evolution and athletic metamorphosis, and can lead to stagnation and indeed regression.

A major portion of human athletic suffering is brought about not by the pain of the process, but rather, the suffering of trying to measure up to the internal images and the expectant images of what others perceive it should look like.

This podcast is an exploration first of the issue and the way out of it towards our personal growth, not only as athletes but more importantly as human beings.