Fear and Doubt, Memory and Imagination

Fear and Doubt, Memory and Imagination

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Fear and doubt rely on two critical aspects of mind that feed them their meals, those two mind based aspects are known as memory and imagination.

They wreak havoc on our sense of peace, they take away our presence, limit our awareness and separate us from our true sense of self.

You could call these mind based aspects "the separate self" as one great teacher Rupert Spira refers to them as. This resonates because they are literally a form of separate self, they disconnect and divorce us from our deeper sense of self. When we live this way we dissociate from the deeper aspects of the true self to live a life of stress, pressure, anxiety and depression.

When we disassociate this way, we are dissociating from the natural world, ourselves and others. We live a life of projection that leads to us feeling empty, apathetic and ineffectual.

The separate self fuels itself on memory and imagination, it fuels and feeds the doubt and fear on illusion, projection, self judgment and worry.

The antidote is a damn good dose of reality, a look into the deeper aspects of the true deeper sense of self that society spends most of its time running away from. We can never expect the outside world to look different while we are wearing smoke coloured glasses on the inside, the outside world will forever look dark and smoky while this is the case.

We need to move away from delusion, illusion, memory and imagination, doubt and fear, and until we do we will continue to fruitlessly search for answers to anxiety and depression in the outside world, we will continue to boost the bottom lines of drug companies while we move further and further away from the truth.

What's the truth? The answers are right under our noses. The first step is the step we take to look inwards and to accept what we find with compassion and care, and then to slowly and gently align ourselves with the true light of our own existence, for the ultimate benefit of everyone.