Intentional Resilience

Intentional Resilience

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Intentional Resilience is power made of many aspects. No athletic goal moves anywhere without desire and intention. The power of dreams is an internal process that drives a physical outcome.

That internal drive can look a little like this-  
Desire, inception, intention, inspiration, enjoyment, motivation, enthusiasm, heart, guts, will, acceptance, non resistance, and the ultimate outcome of resilience and trust. Without these critical drivers our goals and dreams are little more than a concept.

All of these inner qualities demand a healthy dose of the reality of the present moment in order for them to force a transformation. The present moment is the source that holds these qualities together.

Athletes tend to go off track, make things too complex, too rigid, they tend to project and dissect and rarely do they introspect. The outer goal has its core at an inner level, if we are disconnected from it we lose our ability to know what true resilience means.

If you are feeling frustrated by your endeavors in just about any sense, this one is going help you.