Interview with Shawn Smith Athlete Manager

Interview with Shawn Smith Athlete Manager

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This week we have an interesting interview by Grant Giles with Shawn Smith, athlete manager and Chief Editor at Trizone, a Triathlon news website.

In this podcast Shawn speaks openly about athlete management and shares the benefit of his experience.

We speak to the do's and dont's of building and maintaining athlete/sponsor relationships, and the importance of an effective coherent support team.

We also cover some ground from each stakeholders perspective, and the importance of gluing the whole thing together, so it becomes an add for all concerned, rather than a drain.

Shawn shares his advice for budding athletes and their support network, and we speak to the power of patience and resisting the temptation to bite off more than you can chew.

Many athletes rush the brass ring. There is often this propensity toward "making hay while the sun shines". We speak not only of the damage that this limited thinking can do to an athletic career, but also how that thinking and action can stunt your growth as an athlete. A stable financial career requires stability of mind and action, with a long haul overview being the path to longevity as an athlete.

Often the crush to make the bucks leads an athlete to a feast or famine mentality, that can mentally cloud an athletes path. This mindset often leads to rash decisions in the spur of the moment that make their development patterns messy and unsustainable.

Obviously an anxiety around the length of ones career leads to a perception of lack, however that perception is the same perception that rides an athletes back at races and makes it difficult for them to focus. Pressure wears many masks!

Shawn pulls the thing apart for you so you can get a bird's eye view into the blurry world of keeping everyone happy including yourself.

If you are an athlete, a coach, a supporter or part of an athletes family or support network, this one is aimed at you.

If you simply love the nature of sport, here is a view you don't often get to see from the sidelines.