Karl Page, Journeyman on giving up alcohol and founding WOSUP

Karl Page, Journeyman on giving up alcohol and founding WOSUP

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This week we are speaking with Karl Page, the founder of WOSUP (War On Single Use Plastics). Karl is somewhat of a journey man. We speak about the fantastic inspiration behind WOSUP, the idea behind the experience that sparked a movement of sustainable materials. Established in 2018, WOSUP is a social impact enterprise dedicated to making a difference in our environment by providing sustainable alternatives to single use plastics.

This podcast moved into the journey of the self, the role of alcohol in Australian society, Karl’s personal journey into sobriety and the meaning behind it.

We delved into many aspects of what it means to be human in the current environment of pressures. We are all being forced to look inwards at our lives, and so we consider what we can find in the dark shadows to guide us to a more authentic way of life.

We speak about the choice to live authentically, simply, and minimally. Most importantly, we speak of how we can live sustainably on an unstable planet.

I find the content of these podcast chats amazing. When the (non-plastic) container is opened and the truth comes forward, the truth speaks its own powerful language.

This one is a great listen.
Thanks Karl for your honesty and authenticity.

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