Mark Jansen Triathlon Strongman

Mark Jansen Triathlon Strongman

This week we had a chat with Mark Jansen about the challenges an athlete faces being an elite level age group triathlete and cyclist while working full-time in the corporate world.

Mark is a super strong willed athlete, racing successfully in 70.3 and Ironman. A twice top 5 finisher in Hawaii and a multiple sub-9 hour Ironman, he is well positioned to speak about the balance of work, life and sport.
We talk about the gift and the curse of the type A personality and the management it takes to keep that requirement in homeostasis.

We are talking about confidence, loads, recovery, the benefits of an active lifestyle and the foil of high-level sport and a corporate career.
We chat about what it means to go deep in racing terms and the physical and psychological nuances of racing and training that make them what they are.

Mark is a highly articulate human and that makes this chat great listening.